Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Edward Douglas honored locally, inducted into Cleveland's Independent Filmmakers' Hall of Fame

Edward Douglas was inducted into the Independent Filmmakers' Hall of Fame at the Indie Gathering's Horror Hotel event in Hudson, Ohio, this past weekend. The award is given in recognition of "significant contributions, achivements, and outstanding dedication to the independent filmmaking community." Citing Edward's accomplishments in film scoring, the licensing of Midnight Syndicate's music, and the directing of his own film, Executive Director Ray Szuch added "You're not going to find a nicer guy. When I know someone like (Ed), I really like to watch how they work with other people.... that's what turns me on. The individual." Last year's Hall of Fame inductee was FX legend/director, Robert Kurtzman (KNB FX, Creature Corps).

The award was presented by the Indie Gathering International Film Festival, an event which draws filmmakers from around the globe to Cleveland every August. Listed as one of Movie Maker Magazine's Top 25 film festivals for networking, the event exists to showcase the independent filmmaker. Filmmakers participate in their screenings and after the films speak with audience members who seek a closer look into the creative process. The festival features over one hundred films from around the world; twenty hours of film lectures and panel discussions; a convention room with special guests; networking parties; acting, stunt and FX competitions, and more. This year's festival will be held August 16th, 17th and 18th at The Clarion Inn in Hudson, OH. For more information, click here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midnight Syndicate's "Monsters of Legend" CD update

Edward Douglas shared some more information on what fans can expect from Midnight Syndicate's upcoming Monsters of Legend CD (mid-July) on Facebook today. 

"Our approach on this upcoming album is to transport you 'into' the world of classic horror films by Universal, Hammer Films, and others. We want you to feel like you've been dropped right into one of those films - a mysterious world where any creature could be lurking in a shadowy forest or passing by your window at night.... As we did in The 13th Hour and Carnival Arcane we try to achieve this through music and sound design. This will be another great disc to listen to with headphones in a darkened room.

So, as oppposed to creating a song for each classic Universal Monsters film and making it more of a compilation, our plan is to put you in a world where the monsters are very real and allow you to explore it. And although we've saved some creatures for the next album, there will be plenty to keep you up at night.... We are in the final mixing stage now and are really excited about this disc!

The image above is from the Mario Bava classic Black Sunday (1960), one of the many films that inspired the album.