Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

We just wanted to take a moment and wish a very Merry Christmas for those who celebrate. Happy Hanukah for those who light the candles and a heartfelt wish for the best of the holiday season and a happy new year to you. We have a lot of really great things planned for 2013!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Live Interview Tonight with Ed and Gavin

Catch a live, interactive interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate! This is the perfect way to close out a Monday!

Join the guys at 11:15pm on The Broaderview, broadcast through Hey Z Media Radio. This interview is hosted by Zita Ost and will discuss the history of Midnight Syndicate, music from their recent CDs, and some news about their upcoming CD. Have questions or comments for the band? Call 651-447-6309 during the show.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New Midnight Syndicate CD update

Midnight Syndicate's Facebook page posted today that work on the next CD is coming along extremely well. Although all of the tracks aren't complete, the band has finalized the song lineup. "We are both extremely excited about this disc. It's going to be a special one," said Edward Douglas "Those of you that enjoy the classic gothic horror feel of discs like Born of the Night, Realm of Shadows, Vampyre, and The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates are in for a real treat." More details coming soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Midnight Syndicate provides atmosphere for Travel Channel's "Making Monsters" show.

Catch two new episodes of Making Monsters on the Travel Channel Sunday night starting at 8pm EST. While you're watching you might hear some familiar music in the background! Midnight Syndicate is thrilled to be providing additional music in the second season of this cool reality series about Distortions Unlimited, a Colorado-based animatronic, mask company that has been working in the haunted house/dark amusement industry for the past 22 years.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dee Snider (on Midnight Syndicate)

"Midnight Syndicate delivers what others (except for my project Van Helsing's Curse) simply can not. Cool, spooky music. Why settle for "Monster Mash" when you can have the real deal!?" - Dee Snider (Twisted Sister, House of Hair, Celebrity Apprentice).   This Halloween, be sure to check out Dee's symphonic metal Halloween band, Van Helsing's Curse.   Also available at the Midnight Syndicate store.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"The Dead Matter" available at RedBox locations nationwide

Just in time for Halloween weekend! The Dead Matter is now available at RedBox locations nationwide!  This fun, story-driven, 80s-style horror film directed and scored by Midnight Syndicate's Edward Douglas stars Tom Savini, Andrew Divoff, and Jason Carter.  Visit The Dead Matter website for reviews, trailers, and more information!  The film is also currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and On-Demand!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"The Dead Matter" released in the UK. Now available on iTunes, Amazon, and On-Demand

The Dead Matter DVD has been released in the UK by OMG! Studios.   The new artwork and revised title is above.  The UK version of the DVD is Region 2 and available through Amazon UKThe Dead Matter is now also available to rent or buy at iTunes, Amazon, and On-Demand!  Perfect Halloween viewing!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Friday, October 05, 2012

"Goons & Greasepaint" invade YouTube

Not for coulrophobics. The Goons & Greasepaint video has been unleashed on YouTube!  Over 100 clowns from some of the most suspect carnivals around the globe would love to meet you...  "This music video montage is a tribute to Midnight Syndicate's fans," said Edward Douglas.  "We asked them to send in their best clown photos and they obliged..."  The video was produced by director Michael Raisch (whose works also appears on The Dead Matter DVD bonus features).   "Mike had a challenge," added Douglas.  "We asked to include as many of the entries as possible.  The problem is the song is only 3 minutes long.  As always though, Mike found a creative way of incorporating these images in a fun, over-the-top, carnival-style."   The video is set to the song Goons & Greasepaint from the award-winning Carnival Arcane CD and features over a hundred clown images sent in by fans.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Jerry Only, the Misfits (on Midnight Syndicate)

"Midnight Syndicate's dark orchestral music is perfect to wind things down and close the night after the last song at a live Misfits show. Its dynamic and eerie at the same time. It leads you into a macabre world where EVERY NIGHT IS HALLOWEEN." - Jerry Only (founding member, Misfits)

Photo by Mick Rock, © 2011, all rights reserved. Used by permission, courtesy of Misfits Records.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AccuRadio launches new Midnight Syndicate Channel for the Halloween season

Need a Midnight Syndicate fix this Halloween season? AccuRadio Online Radio has just launched a Midnight Syndicate Channel entitled The Night Beckons: The Midnight Syndicate Showcase. Featuring tracks from all of the band's albums, the channel is available under the FEATURED CHANNELS section of the site. In addition to other great programming, AccuRadio is showcasing a Halloween Channel which features Midnight Syndicate tracks along with other Halloween music favorites!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tom Savini (on Midnight Syndicate)

"Midnight Syndicate is the greatest horror music in the world!" - Tom Savini (Horror FX legend, From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete, Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Play a character from "Carnival Arcane" at GenCon Indy 2012

Play a character from the Carnival Arcane CD! Figments of Your Imagination has created a LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) adventure based on their take of Carnival Arcane that they will be debuting at Gen Con Indy next weekend!

From Figments of Your Imagination:

Figments of Your Imagination(FYI), a creative team of authors from Chicago, announces the first official Live-Action Role Playing (LARP) scenario set in the haunting world of Midnight Syndicate. The action takes place in 1928 on the grounds of the famous Lancaster Rigby Carnival, which is rumored to offer what no other carnival can. It is a time when the whole nation is drunk on prosperity, but darkness waits in the shadows to drown men in sorrow. The tents are up, the lights are strung, and the barker is ready to show you in…

The 'Carnival Arcane LARP' will debut at GenCon 2012 in two exclusive events on Thursday and Friday evening. Both events sold out quickly, but rumor has it that one or two extra characters are available for extremely dedicated and fortunate Midnight Syndicate fans… No LARP experience needed.

A printer-friendly GenCon preview CD that contains all the characters, plots, rules, GM notes, and other material needed to run the scenario will be on sale at Midnight Syndicate's booth (#1631) in the GenCon Exhibitor Hall. After GenCon, the LARP will be available for sale online.
For more information, please visit the FYI website.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Destini Beard releases "A Time Forgotten" CD featuring music of Midnight Syndicate

Vocalist Destini Beard has just released A Time Forgotten, her full-length followup album to 2010's The Dark Masquerade EP. This time listeners' journey to a haunted Victorian hotel where dark secrets lie deep within the rooms' walls. Once again, the new CD blends Destini's haunting and alluring operatic vocals with the music of Midnight Syndicate.

From Destini Beard:
"This new album takes you back to the early 1900s, where a once-thriving hotel suffers a tragic fire and is lost in time. It's departed guests are trapped by an evil presence which controls their very souls. The story goes on to tell of a young woman from the present who is called from the spirit world to travel back to the hotel so that she can reunite with her departed true love. What comes next is a chilling turn into the unknown."

"Sonically, the CD is reminiscent of a short musical, with multiple layers of harmonies and counter melodies on each song. The recording process took much longer than 'The Dark Masquerade' but I feel the end product was worth every bit of it. There really is a good deal of variety with each song, taking you further along on the adventure."
A Time Forgotten also features an incredible dance industrial remix of Farewell Forever (Noctem Aeternus) from The Dark Masquerade EP. The remix was produced by Pat Berdysz of Encoder, whose credits include the Dead and Buried Remix of Midnight Syndicate's Graveyard from The Dead Matter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Also included is the touching final track, My Last Goodbye, an original composition written and performed by Destini herself.

A Time Forgotten is now available at the Midnight Syndicate Store and at Destini Beard's website, To read an interview Destini did with Drive-In of the Dead about the CD, click here.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Midnight Syndicate App Update Available

Midnight Syndicate is now mobile! Check out the latest update on the iPod/iPhone app, available now. The app is also available on Android. Get the latest news, updates, Twitter and Facebook posts, and a full discography! Also, you can buy the music directly from iTunes or Google Play.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Carnival Arcane" nominated for 2012 ENnie Award

Midnight Syndicate's Carnival Arcane has been nominated for Best RPG-Related Product in the ENnie Awards. Michael Tresca, of the RPG Examiner posted a write up on the nomination here. Now in their 12th year, the ENnies recognize excellence in roleplaying game design and related products in the industry. The award show is held every year at GenCon Indy. From now till July 29, YOU CAN VOTE for Midnight Syndicate and your favorite gaming products from 2012 at - 2012 ENnie Awards Voting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Midnight Syndicate tells their story on Scary Visions

Scary Visions Haunt Podcast has just posted a new interview with Ed and Gavin of Midnight Syndicate. In addition to asking a bunch of great questions, including a few topics that have not been touched on before, they are giving away 6 Midnight Syndicate CDs as part of their July contest. Check out the interview, enter the contest, and find out more about Scary Visions at:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interview with Edward Douglas Streaming on Reel TV Network

Catch a new interview with Edward Douglas on Reel TV Network. For the rest of July, the interview will be rebroadcast (streaming) every day at 6am, 12 noon, 6pm and 12 midnight EST. The Reel TV Network focuses promoting and recognizing independent film making. The interview covers Ed's work in Midnight Syndicate, film scoring, and The Dead Matter.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Edward Douglas, Virgil, and Jerry Vayne do a haunt music panel on the Big Scary Show

A haunt industry music first! The latest episode of the Big Scary Show features a panel interview with Midnight Syndicate's Edward Douglas and fellow haunt music composers Virgil Franklin and Jerry "Haunt Rocker" Vayne. All three of them talk about how they got their start, the development of haunt music as an art form, and their experiences over the years. If you are a haunter, home haunter, or just enjoy haunted house music, you'll enjoy this (and every) episode of the Big Scary Show. The panel interview starts at 34 minutes.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Live Interview on FearCast Radio

Catch up on the latest Midnight Syndicate news in a live interview with FearCast Radio on Sunday, June 3rd at 9:00pm Eastern. Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka will be talking about the upcoming new releases as well as the history of the band. Call in to (347) 215-8651 and have your questions answered!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Updates on the next Midnight Syndicate and Destini Beard CDs posted

Midnight Syndicate just posted a Facebook update on their next CD.
"It's going to have a very classic horror theme to it (pre-30s, 30s, 40s, 60s, early-70s). Hammer Films have always been an inspiration for us but they played a huge part in the inspiration for this new release. The same goes for the Amicus, AIP, and European horror of that era (like Bava, "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie," "Blind Dead,"). Also big are the classic black and white Universal horror from the 30s/40s ("Dracula", "Wolfman") and horror earlier than that. If you enjoy classic horror, the classic monsters, then we think you'll enjoy what we have in store for you. If I had to compare it to other discs, it has a very Born of the Night, Vampyre, and Realm of Shadows feel to it but the sound, is uniquely it's own (big, dark, at times epic). We wanted to continue to push ourselves both sound design-wise and music-wise after Carnival Arcane and we feel we've done that. Production is really far along but unfortunately we don't have any more details right now as to a release date. We will continue to keep you informed though. Thank you again for the support!"
Production and Post-Production for Destini Beard's A Time Forgotten, the full-length followup CD to Dark Masquerade is complete. The new disc promises an immersive blend of Destini's haunting vocals and classic Midnight Syndicate tracks that together form an entirely new listening experience. A late June release date is anticipated. More details coming soon.

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Freakshow" finalist in the 2012 Great American Song Contest

Edward Douglas' song Freakshow from Carnival Arcane was chosen as a finalist in the Instrumental category of the 2012 Great American Song Contest. The contest, now in it's fourteenth year, is sponsored by the Songwriters Resource Network.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Edward Douglas to host "Dead Matter" screening, music panel discussion at 2012 Texas Frightmare Weekend

Edward Douglas will be making his first Texas Frightmare Weekend appearance in Dallas, May 4-6th. In addition to being on-hand throughout the con at the Midnight Syndicate booth, several special events have been planned.

On Saturday at 2:30pm Trevor Tuminski, music editor for Rue Morgue Magazine, sits down with Edward to discuss Midnight Syndicate, classic horror movie scores, composing for film, and more in FRIGHTMAKERS 101- Soundtracks - HOW TO SCORE YOUR WAY TO A CAREER IN HORROR. Q&A to follow.

On Saturday at 6:00pm, Edward will host a screening of The Dead Matter with a Q&A to follow.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"Carnival Arcane" wins BEST HORROR CD / SOUNDTRACK in 10th Annual Rondo Awards

Carnival Arcane won BEST HORROR CD / SOUNDTRACK in the 10th Annual Rondo Awards. Many thanks to everyone who voted! "I think Carnival Arcane truly epitomizes what we always strive to do," said Gavin Goszka, "so it's an honor to see this particular disc recognized like this." "I'm really stoked," added Edward Douglas, "For years, I've been a big fan of the Rondos and the role they play in recognizing all types of artists in the horror community. It is cool to win for Carnival Arcane especially as that disc is one of my favorites and, I feel, some of our best work."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Midnight Syndicate and "The Dead Matter" featured in top German horror publication, Virus Magazine

The latest issue of Germany's premiere horror publication, Virus Magazine, features an in-depth interview with Edward Douglas as well as tremendous review of Carnival Arcane and The Dead Matter. Visit them on Facebook. The publication is in German.

Virus Magazine on Carnival Arcane... "A new classic! 10/10 - MONSTER OF THE MONTH!"

Virus Magazine on The Dead Matter... "a stylish, atmospheric, cool, 'creepy-flick' with a f---ng awesome soundtrack... Strictly recommended!"

Friday, March 16, 2012

Vote for Midnight Syndicate in the Rondo Awards!

Carnival Arcane has been nominated for BEST SOUNDTRACK OR HORROR CD in this year's Rondo Awards and we need your support! To vote for the CD simply follow this link. You do NOT have to vote in every category. The Rondo Awards are a great honor in the horror community and we appreciate your taking time to support Midnight Syndicate!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Midnight Syndicate music featured on new retro-style game, Corril Slayer

Do you remember those awesome classic, side-scrolling, shoot-em-up arcade games of the 90s? Love Castlevania? Game designer, Eric Ruth has made a career of developing games made in that same fun, retro style. His latest, Corril Slayer, follows the adventures of a dual magnum-toting, I see dead people" hero Sam Asherton as he battles legions of the dead to the sounds of Midnight Syndicate! Corril Slayer is now available through Pure Bang Games for only $2.99! To order your copy and check out the trailer, click here!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Meet Edward Douglas at TransWorld's Halloween and Attractions Show this weekend in St. Louis

Come visit the Midnight Syndicate booth (#1222) at TransWorld's Halloween and Attraction Show this weekend in St. Louis! Edward Douglas will be on-hand throughout the show which runs from Thursday, March 8th through Sunday, March 11th. Click here to find out more check out the great promo video.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Live Interview Tonight on Beyond the Edge Radio

Catch Midnight Syndicate's Edward Douglas tonight at 8:30pm Eastern in a live interview on Beyond the Edge Radio. Beyond The Edge Radio is a two hour alternative talk radio show hosted by Eric Altman and Lon Strickler. The interview will be broadcasted live on Jackalope Radio. They interview fascinating guests on a variety of topics including the paranormal, current events and world news, sports, entertainment and much more. To tune in live visit Can't catch the live interview? The podcast will be available at Podomatic in a few days.